EnterpriseOne (E1) Help Desk Role

Have you tried to create a Help Desk role? You know…one that only has access to the “Administrative Password Revisions” (P98OWSEC|W98OWSECF) application. Well, I’ve been fighting with it, on-and-off, for a couple days now. And, I’ll tell ya, the solution is a little baffling.

In this case we also wanted the Help Desk staff to be able to “FastPath” to the application.

Why was this so hard?

The environments. Why is the non-“J” environment required? I have no idea. I found an entry on JDEList that referred to having 2 roles. One worked just fine and the other didn’t. The only thing that was different between the 2 was the environments. So, I granted all the environments and got it to work. Then started pairing things down.

Here is what we had to do:

  • Application Security to “Run”
    • W98OWSECD (allows them to change their own password)
    • W98OWSECF (allows them to change other’s passwords)
    • W0092B (allows them to lookup UserIDs)
  • Action Security for W98OWSECD & W98OWSECF
  • Solution Explorer Security with “FastPath” access
Task View Change
  • Add the task “5/GH9052” to the root task view used
Role Environments
  • Add both the JDV811 & DV811 environments to the role
Fast Path Entry
  • Product Code: H90
  • UDC: FP
  • ode: PSWD
  • Description 01: User Passwords
  • Description 02: 5/GH9052
  • Special Handling:
  • Hard Coded: N

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