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  1. Garth
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    Thank you! Since moving to Windows 7, mapping drives to iSeries shares, not just IFS, has been iffy at best. Sometimes I would have success, sometimes I would just get prompted for credentials again, and sometimes I would receive authority errors.

    In some cases, I could map as a super user but not as a regular user on one system but not another, even though the permissions were the same as far as I could tell.

    Since trying this fix, so far these sporadic, inconsistent failures have ceased. That’s what I get for looking for a solution on the iSeries when, of course, it is a Windows issue. Doh!

  2. Dean
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    I have tried the NTLM security change (applied via GPO to all PCs’) but still having some issues on new Windows 7 Enterprise PC’s in which I keep getting access denied if trying to map using either the windows explorer or net use command. Though strangely it works OK on my Windows 7 Professional PC. Beside being Professional or Enterprise I cannot see any other differences to stop this working! Have you come across any other solutions?

  3. Mitch Hall
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    Hi Stewart,

    I have a similar problem.

    I have one Windows user who can’t map a IFS drive regardless of what PC he logs onto the Windows network with. His credentials aren’t accepted. If he jumps on another PC he hits the same problem so I don’t think it’s any local windows policy.

    If we use another iSeries user credentials to authenticate when mapping the Windows Network drive to the IFS folder share it works and the drive is successfully mapped.

    Because we’re mapping Windows Network Drives to IFS Folder Shares all user’s have *IOSYSCFG authority.

    I checked and this iSeries user is not disabled in the i5/OS NetServer.

    I even granted the problem user all permissions to the IFS folders we’re creating the IFS Folder Shares over.

    Any idea what else I can lok at?

    Best Regards
    Mitch Hall

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