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  1. Ken Chapman
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    Hi Deepesh,
    Thank you for the excellent installation instructions, I wish all such documentation was as easy to follow as yours!
    I have followed the instructions faithfully (I believe). The install completed successfully, including JDK
    I have rechecked the locations of the various components mentioned in the instructions and completed the Regedit step.
    In Solution Explorer I can access data (e.g.UDC’s) but when I start E1 HTML the menus are fine, the executables open correctly, but there is no data displayed if, for instance, I click the Find button or try to use one of the visual assists. It appears that the link to the demo data is not working in HTML.
    Have I missed something? Would much appreciate your help.
    Best Regards
    Ken Chapman

  2. paradise
    paradise at | | Reply

    Currently there are new JD Edwards.I want to download the Demo version of JD Edward 9.0.
    Where to download?
    Sorry! I write English is not good.

  3. Nag
    Nag at | | Reply


    Does the workflow work in 9.0 Demo?

    I ran the workflow environmental dignostic for client and get the message:

    Workflow Environmental Diagnostic output
    Total Errors: 0
    Total Warnings: 0

    Client Validation Results:
    Client Validation had some Serious Internal Error; See jde.log.

    jde. log has:

    3440/3064 MAIN_THREAD Sun May 25 19:52:48.296000 Jdb_ctl.c3944
    Starting OneWorld

    1976/2648 UNKNOWN Sun May 25 19:52:55.000000 jdeksec.c768

    1976/2648 UNKNOWN Sun May 25 19:52:55.046000 Netpub.c975
    JDENet already initialized
    1976/2648 UNKNOWN Sun May 25 19:52:55.046001 Jdb_ctl.c2890
    Net init failed or not initialized

    3440/3168 FOREIGN_THREAD Sun May 25 19:53:22.375000 BPMSoapServer.cpp44
    Can’t instantiate E1Soap SoapDispatch. Verify that E1Soap.dll is registered.

    3440/3156 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Sun May 25 19:56:40.187000 WF_WRAP.c2219
    WFDiagValidateAndGetConfig is not available

    3440/3156 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Sun May 25 19:56:40.187001 B98895.c287
    BSFN B98895: Call to WFDiagValidateAndGetConfig Failed with Return Code = -1.

    Can you please help?

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