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  1. Joel Schipper
    Joel Schipper at | | Reply

    Thanks for the illustration – my first glimpse of Alta UI

  2. Andrew
    Andrew at | | Reply

    Thank you for your post!

    I have tried to do this without success:
    -Do I need to restart the web instances affected for this to take effect? Or maybe WLS cache?
    -Also, I’m interested only in changing colors for diferentiating enviroment. Can I use only the section for detecting the enviroment and changing it?

    Thank you!

  3. Andrei Balan
    Andrei Balan at | | Reply


    If you need to change just the colour of the website – this is the one you need to modify – in server manager:

    change the oracle default – #1e4a6d with the one that you want – example RED – #ff0000 – then start/restart the weblogic and hit on your browser CTRL-F5 to get rid of the cache and load the clean new colour.

    If you just want to test without having that after the restart you can modify the wls file while wls is running –

    This will change ALL the colours of that precise instance… including first page and subsequent E1Menu.maf pages…


  4. Girish Gosyne
    Girish Gosyne at | | Reply

    Hi, after logging into JDE (after the login page). I want to change the words that say “JD Edwards” to say “JDE QA” at the top left near the logo. What element/where can I change that?

    Would that be the “topnavOracleBranding”?

    Thanks in advance for your help and post. I have been able to modify what I needed from this post and Shannon’s post.

    1. Girish Gosyne
      Girish Gosyne at | | Reply

      It was actually Sot13 in the file – D:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\E1_Apps\servers\JWB01P_PDCMSAU_94\stage\JWB01P_PDCMSAU_94\app\webclient.war\WEB-INF\jsp\maflet\DropdownHttpMafletWrapperHeader

  5. Vince Bennett
    Vince Bennett at | | Reply

    Hi Stewart, the code works great. one question though, I cannot get the color to stick when opening up a “openAppInNewWindow” situation. Any thoughts?

  6. Mohammed
    Mohammed at | | Reply

    Hi Stewart, the code above works fine in 9.1 (TR 9.1.5) but in 9.2 (TR 9.2.2) wont work, i can see the color change but the menu’s the drop downs won’t work. i tried different browser and not working. Do you know if this code works with 9.2 TR 9.2.2?

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