IBM iSeries: Starting Printer Writer – STRPRTWTR

dinosaurThose of you that know me, understand that I know enough about the IBM iSeries to support EnterpriseOne, but some of the more base iSeries knowledge just hasn’t been absorbed. I think it’s because when I first started with OneWorld/EnterpriseOne I thought that the AS400 was a dinosaur and was ready to be put out to pasture.

Hey! I was young and didn’t know any better.

Child TechnologySince then, I have come to respect the IBM technology and understand that there is a time and place for anything.

So, today, I get a call from someone saying that her World reports were not printing. It’s Friday afternoon and the guy that I thought would know the most about this was out of the office. I remembered that I’ve done this a few times in the last 18 years, so I figured I could stumble through it a little and get it done.

After 10 minutes or so of trying to figure out the correct STRPRTWTR command, I humbled myself and talked to the other person I thought might be able to help me. He logged in and ran the correct STRPRTWTR command. It took a whole 30 seconds and the user was getting her 23 copies of the same report (she kept re-trying).

Sometimes, it’s just way quicker and less frustrating to ask first.

Thanks, Sannan.

Oh, by the way, the correct STRPRTWTR command is:


IBM STRPRTWTR documentation: Start Printer Writer (STRPRTWTR)

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