Weblogic Business Services Truncating XML Payload

I’m not even sure how to explain this issue other than

  1. Using a web service proxy BSSV to send a XML file to an outside vendor was getting truncated for some unknown reason.
  2. It was very difficult to track down
  3. The following startup argument came is very handy
  4. Oracle Support said that it is a custom process and therefore is not supported
  5. It finally got resolved by using 3 Weblogic startup arguments that bypass the JRockit SSL handler and force the use of the native Sun/Oracle SSL handler
    -DUseSunHttpHandler=true -Dweblogic.wsee.client.ssl.usejdk=true

Hope this helps someone.

Do you have any Weblogic Server Start Arguments that you use to get by issues that have come up?

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