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Quick Tip: Change A Scheduled Job’s Time Zone Using SQL

SQL Ninja

If you work with multiple time zones, especially if one uses Daylight Saving Time and the other does not, it can be useful to have scheduled jobs setup using the appropriate time zone.

This can be done by creating separate versions of the P91300 – Scheduled Jobs application.

After running with multiple versions of the P91300, you may find it necessary to move or copy a scheduled job from one time zone to the other. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this using the application.

So, not to be denied, I figured out a little SQL that can be used:

UPDATE SY900.F91300 
SET SJTIMEZONES=11 --(UTC+08:00) in UDC H91/TZ

It’s quick. It’s dirty. But… Hey! That’s one of the beautiful things about SQL.