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Introduction to Me

My name is Stewart Schatz. I have been working with EnterpriseOne (E1) or previous versions of it for about 5 years. It’s been a very challenging and frustrating 5 years.

I live in a very small town north of Bismarck, ND called Wilton. My family and I love it. It has a population of about 750. No I didn’t forget any zeros. It really is just 750. Anyway, I am a definite “Tech-guy”, or geek as my family and friends like to say. I personally take that as a compliment.

Anyway, I work in Bismarck for a company that uses Oracle EnterpriseOne (E1) as it’s ERP system.

Over the years, it has been very hard to find information about the systems that I work on, so usually when I find some good info I print it out. Well, the problem is that I usually end up loosing that paper because my desk is full of the stuff…and Hey! I’m a geek and if it’s worth having then it is worth having in electronic form.

So I plan to use this blog as a place to store tips, tricks, changes, tests and other stuff. Not to mention a place to vent the many frustrations that seem to come up. I’d also like it to be a sounding board to get other’s ideas if anyone eventually reads this other than me.

So, here it goes…

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