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Customize The Alta Look & Feel Of Oracle EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1.5

Customize EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1.5

At the company I work for, we like to customize some basic things on the user interface of Oracle EnterpriseOne. The most important part of this modification is to better indicate that the user is signed into a non-production environment by changing the header color. With Oracle’s release of Tools Release 9.1.5, EnterpriseOne is now using the Alta UI framework. This brings E1 more inline with Oracle’s other software offerings. This change has caused us to redo our UI customizations and also look at how we are doing them.

Since we have 7 separate installations for 7 different companies/industries, we also like to modify the logo in the upper left corner to display our companies’ names. In the past, I would have created at least 3 sets of modified files (1 for each environment). That’s 21+ sets of files because some of the companies have more than the standard 3 environments. You’ll notice from the image above that I changed the header color to purple and the corner image to some text.

Since I work in IT and can’t stand repetitive tasks, I don’t like having different files for different companies.  Also, it would be much easier to maintain and easier to remember to make the modification when upgrading, if the companies could all just use the same files.

So, to make that happen, I modified the e1.js file. This file is located in a directory on your JAS Server similar to the following:

I tried to use some comments within the Javascript, but if you need some help, either let me know or contact your friendly neighborhood web developer and they should be able to walk you through it and make any changes that you would like.

Oracle JDEdwards Tools Release 9.1.5 Is Now Available

Description of Figure 3-1 follows

This is no ordinary Tools Release!  With all the changes, this should really be called TR 9.2.0.

Lets start breaking this down a little…

  1. A new look, called Alta (see image above). This brings JDEdwards more in line with the rest of Oracle’s application offerings with the same look and feel.
  2. Server-only packages and the Primary Server
  3. Recent Breadcrumbs: You can view breadcrumb history which is available even after you log off/on.
  4. Email and Calendar Integration: Personally, I think the advantage of this feature will really be for user support rather than user collaboration.
  5. Simplified Navigation: seems to restrict users to just using E1Pages for navigation.
  6. Clustering for Outbound Business Services
  7. In-Memory Merge to Tools 9.1.5 Code Line
  8. Application Stack Service for Mobile Applications Development

Oracle’s official announcement: Oracle Announces JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1 Update 5 and Application Enhancements (1952442.1)

Net Change for Tools Library, Release 9.1 Update 5 (OTN)

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology 9.1.x Documentation Overview (Doc ID 1368172.1) has been updated with the Tools 9.1.5 information

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 5 Documentation Updates for Installation and Upgrade Guides

Required Components for installing 9.1.5 (Doc ID 1943409.1) including a table of ESUs required to take advantage of the new features.

9.1.5 Known Issues and Workarounds (Doc ID 1945082.1)

In-Memory Tools C API Reference (Doc ID 1952465.1)

OTHER 9.1.5 docs about changes:

  1. Where are the Navigator, Fast Path, Personalization and Roles options in Tools Release 9.1.5 (Doc ID 1950336.1)
  2. 9.1.5 Server-Only Package documents:
    • Server Only Packages Functionality – From EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1.5 Onwards (Doc ID 1947622.1) – a presentation from INFOCUS on the new package build process is linked from this document
    • FAQ, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting Server Only Packages Functionality – From EnterpriseOne Tools Release Onwards (Doc ID 1950295.1)
    • SRDC – Data Collection for Troubleshooting a Package Build Issue with Tools Release 9.1.5 Enhanced Package Build Process (Doc ID 1931514.1)

ESU Cleanup

Since our installations of EnterpriseOne were installed and the data upgraded we have applied and installed thousands of ESUs. On 4 of the 7, we neglected to apply the ESUs to the Pristine pathcode (PS900/PS910). This made researching code changes a bit of a challenge.

So, the other day, I decided to rectify that and apply the many, many ESUs to Pristine. Because there were some very old ESUs and not all of them were registered with Change Assistant, it was a very time consuming. After I had finished, I noticed that there were several ESUs that had only been applied to PS & PD and others that had only been applied to PS, DV & PY. Rather than look through every ESU and risk missing some, I connected to E1LOCAL and wrote a SQL statement to get every ESU that had been applied to the system that was not in every pathcode.

Please see “Use Oracle SQL Developer To Modify The JDE LOCAL Database” for connection instructions.

How To Redeploy A Package To A Development Client (Fat Client)

I needed to redeploy a full package and all the update packages associated with the pathcode.  So, I used the SQL below to do the job: