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EnterpriseOne (E1) UDC Cache

Ok, you experts probably already know this, but…

When a user adds or changes a UDC entry, it can’t be used until the cache is cleared.

How do you do that? Well…

  1. Go to SAW
  2. Change to the “Work with JDBj” view
  3. Using the “Data Refreshing” dropdown, choose “Service cache”
  4. You will receive the following message:
    1. “You asked to refresh the JDBj Service cache!
      This option will flush UDC cache, User reference cache and Rules.
      Are you sure you want to continue with this action?”
  5. Click the arrow button to continue
  6. Have your user test to confirm that it worked

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The bluehost as well as the hostgator are both excellent hosting options for an e-business.

iSeries JDBC jt400.jar – {note to self}

Excerpt from a post on JDEList.com by Colin Dawes:

You CAN NOT use the jt400 from the client access folder.

You need to use the jt400 that is on your iSeries. The 2 versions are not the same and you’ll get some hanging if you use the iSeries Access version.

The jt400 on the iSeries is located at:

Usually you need to copy this to the following location on Windows:

I say usually because sometimes during the installation prople point the installed to the iSeries Access Path. In this case the WAS variable will be incorrect and you either need to (1) Change the variable in WAS or copy the jt400.jar from the iSeries on top of the jt400.jar that came with iSeries Access.

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Where am I? – Distinguish EnterpriseOne (E1) Environments

Well, if you’ve found out anything while being an EnterpriseOne CNC person, it’s that E1 is confusing. Oh, maybe if you have a really simplified install, it might not be too bad. But, overall it is confusing.

The problem is it isn’t just confusing for us tech-types but also for the end users and implementation teams. In order to relieve the confusion of not knowing which environment you are in I did a little bit of image editing:

The image is located at ..webclient.warshareimagesjdelogo-onwhite.gif

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Nice Cut! – EnterpriseOne (E1) Fine Cut Task Views

Well, maybe not nice…but “Fine”.

In working with our users we have found that they take advantage of the menu filtering, which is referred to as “Fine Cut”. Moving these from one environment to the next can be done through OMW or by copying some files. For us, it has been easier just to copy the files.

Here they are:

F9000-Task Manager
F9001-Task Relationships
F9002-Task Alternate Descriptions
F9005-Variant Description
F9006-Variant Detail

Have Fun!

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Ausy E1 Tools

Now these are AWESOME!

We have been using just 2 of the tools that Alexander Pastuhov has available.

What are those 2 products?

  • Boomerang
    • We have 2 separate instances for 2 different business units so we use Boomerang to quickly and easily transfer objects from one to the other. It’s a VERY slick product. In a previous installation of OneWorld Xe we created data sources and transfer activity rules to accommodate this need, but with Boomerang we were able to keep our installation as vanilla as possible.
  • Update Queue Names In Versions
    • Yeah, it’s a long name, but man is it a time saver. When you consider the time that it would take you to change the job queue in the hundreds of versions that we had to split up our batch processing, it probably saved a good week of tech time.

Thanks Alex for providing such easy to use specialized products!

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