E1 Terminology

Speaking the language is key to becoming a knowledgeable Oracle EnterpriseOne (E1) administrator.

So here are a few key terms:

  • CNC – Configurable Network Computing. This term was used by JD Edwards to describe the flexibility of OneWorld’s architecture.
  • Pathcode/Central Objects ? code repository
    • PD811, PY811, DV811, PS811
  • Environment ? Pathcode + Data
    • PD ? Production
    • PY ? Prototype, Test, CRP
    • DV ? Development
    • PS – Pristine
  • Package ? compiled code; collection of C++ DLLs
    • ?Full? – contains all objects in the specified Environment?s Pathcode
    • ?Update? – contains only the objects specified while defining the package
  • eGen ? converting object specifications to serialized objects
  • Serialized objects ? code read by the JAS server to present the User Interface
  • ?Fat-Client? ? EnterpriseOne (E1) Windows Client
  • ESU/ASU ? Electronic Software Update/Application Software Update
    • Object updates provided by Oracle

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