IBM WebSphere: The Password To The PLUGIN-KEY.KDB File Expires On April 26, 2012

If you are using IBM WebSphere, this is very important.

The password to the plugin-key.kdb file that is shipped with WebSphere Application Server expires on April 26, 2012 US EDT. This file is placed in the [Plugin_Home]/config/{webservername} directory when a web server plug-in is configured on an installed web server.

According to the documentation, this should only effect those systems that are setup to use SSL.

After the password expiration date passes, the next time the web server running the web server plug-in is restarted, or the next time the plugin-cfg.xml is modified, the HTTPS (SSL) connectivity between the web server plug-in and the WebSphere Application Server might fail or revert to a non-SSL function and will not be encrypted.

NOTE: The default password for the plugin-key.kdb file is WebAS.

IBM Flash Alert: Password to the plugin-key.kdb file expires on April 26, 2012 US EDT

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