Business Services SBF and EAR File Are Not Created During BSSV Package Build

I was trying to build a BSSV package for a new EnterpriseOne 9.1 installation and received a R9621 that said the build was successful. However, when I tried to deploy the package I received an R98825F that said “Failed to initiate BSSV deploy”.

After some investigation, I found that the ‘.ear’ file was not created in the SBF directory of the package. Then, I found this on the Oracle Support site that solved the issue:


When trying to build a client package for a standard business service.

The logs do not include the following lines:
Thu Jul 10 18:36:12 – Copy \\INFVA02670\E812\DV812\java\sbfjars to \\INFVA02670\E812\DV812\package\DVBSSV4\java\sbfjars.
Thu Jul 10 18:36:36 – Copy \\INFVA02670\E812\DV812\work to \\INFVA02670\E812\DV812\package\DVBSSV4\work.

When these lines are missing, the system is not copying the required sbjars to the sbf folder under the package build folder.


BSSV’s cannot be individually built – so if you have an update package (does not matter if this is from an ESU or not) and if it contains BSSV’s – they will be deleted since all BSSV’s have to be compiled and an EAR file created.

If the update pkg being created contains BSSV’s (specifically selected in Package Assembly) and is not marked as MASTERING, then pkgbld will delete the objects from its list and build the remaining objects (from package assembly or ESU). This is not an error – but working as designed.

So here, since the customer selected specific BSSV’s in Package Assembly and they did not have MASTERING turned on (you can check this – Fastpath to GH9083, Select Package Build, Right click – Prompt for Values and MASTERING is the second one and it should be blank – which means it is turned off) the pkgbld process is deleting the BSSV objects from the list and the sbfjars are not getting copied.

For a regular BSSV package the MASTERING flag should be turned OFF.

When building a regular BSSV package (generate the BSSV EAR that will be later deployed to a BSSV server) do not select individual BSSV’s during package assembly.

Note – The MASTERING flag is only set/turned on, if the customer is going through Product Package and building the ESU. This is generally not done by the customers. When MASTERING is turned on, you can specify individual BSSV’s in package assembly in which case the .zip files are copied from the pathcode to the package sbf folder and compressed and delivered as part of the MASTERED update (ESU) package. In this case the BSSV EAR will not be created.

Source: Oracle Support Doc# 1368331.1

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